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Trucking News & Podcasts

Trucking News

  • American Trucker is a new site that focuses on the individual truck driver. American Trucker has stories on anything that impacts the trucking industry, economy, or the individual truck driver.
  • Transport Topics is the nation’s leading trucking news site. Transport Topics covers government changes, business, technology, equipment, and more news. A yearly subscription costs $159.

Trucking Podcasts

Driving all day can get boring. That's why we found some of the most popular podcasts for truck drivers that include entertainment and tips for life on the road.

  • Fit Drivers focuses on what can be done to keep drivers road-worthy and help them lead healthier lives. VTTI's own Dr. Erin Mabry and Susan Soccolich were featured on episode 2 of the podcast, where they discussed their research on CDL holders with two-year medical cards versus one year or less.
  • Talk CDL Trucking Podcast is from truckers to truckers and has new episodes every Friday. The podcast features news in the trucking industry, driving healthy tips (like posture and eating healthy), and more!
  • Trucker Dump is a podcast that is run by trucker Todd McCain. McCain talks about the trucker life as well as trucking regulations, driver etiquette, and nice services for drivers.
  • The Blue Ribbon Podcast, formerly known as The American Truck Driver Podcast, is a podcast that focuses on the owner/operators of the trucking industry. It helps to teach owners/operators how to survive and thrive in the industry.