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Trip Planning

Ease your stress on the road by making sure to plan out your trips. By not planning your trips, you may run out of fuel, not have a proper place to park for the night, or increase your driving time, any of which can cost you money. Upper Route Planner provides ratings for the best trucker trip-planning apps to use and helpful tips for planning your route.

Schneider Jobs also provides great tips on how to trip plan, including:

  • Trip plan daily
  • Use multiple resources for directions
  • Write down the directions
  • Plan your breaks
  • Check the forecast

HAZMAT Route Planning

  • Use actual maps, do not rely on navigation programs.
  • Ask the shippers and receivers how to route to their location. They will know local roads, construction, etc.
  • Find out local laws. Certain cities will not let you drive HAZMAT through the city or will only allow it at certain times.
  • Remember that some trips will just be trial and error!

Truck Issues on the Road

If you find that items in your truck need easy maintenance that you can do yourself, make sure to log it and seek help if needed. Here are some tools that you may need when fixing any issues:

  • Folding stool so you can reach all the shelves and cubbies
  • Step ladder to reach the outside, to clean and make repairs on truck
  • Window cleaning cloths on an extension pole
  • Seat belt covers to prevent neck burn