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On the Road


Sitting for long periods of time can result in tightened, stiff, and shortened muscles and joints, which can cause neck and back pain. Stretching helps to loosen up your joints and helps to relieve any neck or back pain. You can stretch before you start driving, during your breaks, and/or at the end of the day. We found these 17 great stretches by Schneider Jobs to help you keep your muscles loose and pain at bay.


Exercising on the road is challenging, but not impossible. By being creative, you can find ways to add exercise to your daily routines. We hope that you will use the tips below and look for other ways to add activity when you are on the road.

  • Bring a jump rope with you and jump rope at rest areas.
  • Walk or jog around rest areas for cardio.
  • Carry resistance bands or use water bottles or cans as weights for conditioning activities.
  • Bring a folding bicycle with you and bike during your break.
  • Do aerobic exercises, like yoga or Pilates, with no equipment necessary! has 4 great exercise tips to help you exercise on the road:

  • Set a goal, create a plan, and stick to it.
  • Make the most of your stops at rest areas.
  • Work out your core. You can even do it while driving! When sitting, tighten your stomach to work your core.
  • Get the maximum out of your days off.